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Payroll Services by CGI Business Solutions

Paying your employees in a timely manner and making sure you’ve done it right every time is an essential aspect of running a business. The bigger your company, perhaps the bigger the risk of making mistakes that can have serious legal ramifications. Additionally, the work to complete payroll can be tedious, time consuming and is not making your business money, however, it is an expense that is central to your daily operations. The fact that we remain in a pandemic with people working remotely has added extra complications to time and attendance and thus, payroll services overall.

Many organizations are seeking to outsource their payroll services to be sure that it is being completed as efficiently, effectively, and most importantly, as accurately as possible.

The top five things we suggest you look for when considering outsourcing payroll services are:

  1. Experience – seek a payroll services company that has the experience in everything from transferring data to HR support.
  2. Expertise – the legal issues that can arise with errors in payroll are serious and can lead to expensive legal costs.  Avoid all of this by seeking out payroll services experts who are proven and understand payroll taxes.
  3. Customer Service – you will need to interact, get answers to questions and on occasion, address discrepancies. You want to know that the payroll services company you outsourced to is willing to pick up the phone, provide timely customer service and partner with you to address all your needs through a dedicated support representative.
  4. Software- A single database HCM solution that will grow with your every changing need and changing work environment
  5. Cost- Transparent pricing that does not nickel and dime for each service offered.


These five tips also speak to time. There are always efficiencies gained when you have the right payroll services solution because the HR team will not be burdened with time-consuming complex issues that may otherwise be avoided when employing the help of experts.  Finally, it should never be lost on any employer that there may be value added services that come with their payroll services provider.  Take the time to compare what it is you get.  Does the payroll services company you are contemplating offer:

  • Complete integration of Benefits & Payroll
  • High level employee engagement
  • Labor data in real time to make informed business decisions
  • Time & Attendance
  • Workers’ Comp – Pay As You Go
  • Tax Filing
  • Deferred Compensation Remittance
  • HR/ACA Compliance
  • Labor tracking across jobs and projects
  • OSHA Management & Reporting
  • Certification Tracking
  • Employee Onboarding


If you find that the above-listed services are not part of the complete package, you may be paying for a payroll provider that is not as competitive as you initially believed.  In the end, it may not serve your needs and soon, your HR department will be back to addressing the more complex issues (thus more time consuming) than you had originally intended.

When done well, and with years of experience and expertise, outsourcing payroll services can be a game-changer for your business. To learn more about what makes a comprehensive payroll services package and to obtain a quote for your business, contact CGI’s Victoria Lantiegne, MBA, FPC, Business Development Manager at or go to Payroll Services | CGI Business Solutions Auburn NH.