Benefits Technology

CGI Business Solutions provides state-of-the-art enrollment platforms for groups of all sizes.

It’s a New World – We’ll Help You Prepare

CGI Business Solutions provides state-of-the-art enrollment platforms for groups of all sizes, from small to midsize to 100+ employees and everywhere in between. We partner with multiple companies such as bSwift, Employee Navigator and iSolved to ensure that our clients receive the support that they need, customized for their size business.

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Choosing and managing benefits

Choosing and managing benefits can be a full-time job for human resource and finance managers.  CGI’s diverse offerings of online enrollment, decision support and employee engagement tools can streamline activities and give you back your most important commodity, time.  

And better still, CGI provides a full team of expertly trained technology specialists ready to provide support, training and assistance whenever you need it.

We’re with you all the way. All of these tools come partnered with CGI’s professional services and consulting to help boost productivity, lower costs and increase employee engagement and satisfaction. For information and to see a demo of our technology solutions, please contact us at

Technology that fits your business’ needs

  • BSwift’s state-of-the-art cloud-based technology makes online enrollment and benefit management simple for you and your employees.
  • Employee Navigator offers a paperless end-to-end benefits administration for small to mid-size businesses, giving HR administrators greater control and efficiency.
  • Jellyvision – For groups utilizing payroll integrated HRM, we can also provide decision support tools that will help increase employee engagement and participation in benefits offerings.
  • Payroll Integration Capabilities with companies can create a two-way communication to relay demographic data and online enrollment deductions out to your payroll system.
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology transmits enrollment data directly to carriers.