Wellness is a proactive, on-going campaign. It does not have a start and finish line, but rather focuses on the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of anyone at any time.

Total Health and Wellbeing

Our goal is to help you establish a healthy workplace culture, retain valuable workers, attract quality employees, and improve overall productivity.

CGI’s approach to wellness is built on the premise that employee wellbeing and company performance are inextricably linked. Our team of certified wellness and health coaches will work with your organization to design a comprehensive wellness strategy that will lay the foundation for a company-wide culture of health and wellbeing.

Wellness Platform

State-of-the-art wellness platform

CGI partners with WellRight® to offer a state-of-the-art wellness platform.

The wellness platform offers a NCQA-certified health assessment, interactive video-based courses, and a variety of engaging challenges. The platform offers and a fresh user interface accessible online or via mobile app, with easy integration of wearable fitness trackers and devices.

This solution sets us apart.