CynrGI (synergy): 

/sinǝrjē/ noun,  “The benefit that results when two or more components work together to achieve something  one couldn’t have achieved on its own.”

Employers are faced with many challenges every day.

In addition to running their business, they must balance Benefits, Payroll, HR, Workers’ Compensation and Retirement Benefits – all while trying to save on costs and remain competitive.

Designed specifically for employers looking to streamline processes, increase efficiency and save money, CynrGI allows for all these services to be provided by a local, highly experienced and dedicated team of professionals.

Enhancing the client experience by providing seamless integration of Employee Benefits, Payroll, Workers’ Compensation, Human Resources Support, Compliance and Technology.

Many companies are forced to rely on several different vendors to provide and maintain these services. Coordinating these efforts are time consuming and often redundant. Rarely do these entities “talk to each other” or interface, creating information & communication barriers in the process. The result is usually duplicated work, slower response times to critical issues and an overall cumbersome and tedious process for HR and employees alike.

CynrGI – powered by CGI Business Solutions – removes these barriers by providing all these solutions “under one roof”, with a local, dedicated team of highly experienced professionals. This allows you to focus on what really matters – growing your business, expanding your organization’s capabilities, and increasing employee satisfaction & retention.

“As the only member of the HR Department, I was struggling to keep up with separate Payroll/Time keeping provider; Insurance Benefit Administrator; 401K (Recordkeeper, Fiduciary and TPA); Background Screening; and an Employee Scheduling Program.  I now have all these services through ONE company.  I also now have access to incredible resources like Human Resources consulting – it’s like having my very own HR staff.”

Kay (HR Director) – Restaurant & Lodging