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Thank you to our many clients who have placed your trust in our expertise.

Employee Benefits

Every broker receives commissions, but are they reinvesting in services their clients can use? See how we’re challenging the status quo when it comes to value-added services for our clients.

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Payroll Services

Dedicated, local service. Streamlined pricing. State-of-the-art software. Find out what makes our payroll solution different.

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Captive Solutions

Think self-funding is too risky? Let us show you how our Captive solution actually reduces volatility, saves money and provides transparency for our clients.

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Designed specifically for employers looking to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and save money in all facets of Benefits, Payroll, HR, Business Insurance and Retirement.

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Employee Advocate

Do your employees have someone dedicated to helping them navigate difficult benefit issues? Whether it’s dealing with long wait times or just getting the runaround, see how CGI eliminates this frustration by providing a dedicated advocate to your employees.

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Our Business

As the largest employee benefits agency in New Hampshire, and one of the largest independent firms in New England, we are able to provide a wide array of unmatched solutions to our clients.



CGI Business Solutions provides the benefits you need to set your business apart.



All FSA/HRA/COBRA services provided in-house for quick turnaround and faster resolution! Easy access to Employer and Employee Benefit portals.



Our team will help your company implement a wealth management plan that fits your exact needs.



Providing state-of-the-art software alongside dedicated, local service, discover how we’re not your typical payroll provider.



CGI Insurance offers insurance solutions that are tailored to your business and personal needs.



CGI understands the continuing complexity of compliance that employers face and that every company has its own unique challenges.

Why CGI Business Solutions

As an independent agency, we do not report to Wall Street or a board of shareholders – we report to you, our client.  Through innovation and reinvestment, we are constantly adding services and solutions that reduce costs and streamlines services for our clients and their employees.

“As the only member of the HR Department, I was struggling to keep up with separate Payroll/Time keeping provider; Insurance Benefit Administrator; 401K (Recordkeeper, Fiduciary and TPA); Background Screening; and an Employee Scheduling Program.  I now have all these services through ONE company.  I also now have access to incredible resources like Human Resources consulting – it’s like having my very own HR staff.”

Kay (HR Director) – Restaurant & Lodging

“When the pandemic hit, our business was struggling to make heads or tales of next steps, best practices and understanding the aspects of the PPP legislation.  CGI was instrumental in spearheading this for us through their relationship with Foley & Foley (Employment Law Attorneys).  They took the time to walk us through step-by-step all that we needed to do as an organization, all at no cost to us.  In speaking with colleagues whose broker didn’t have Employment Law Counsel available to their clients, this saved our company thousands of dollars.”

 Brenda (VP of Human Resources) – Healthcare

“We just started working with CGI. I have to say, like many people, I was NOT excited for change.  I had worked with my previous broker for 10 years and had a great relationship with them.  However, having only worked with my team at CGI for 3 months now, my life is already so much easier!  Plus, the feedback we received at Open Enrollment from our employees on CGI’s ability to walk them through their benefits was outstanding. I’m so glad we switched to CGI.”

Tracy (HR Manager) – Manufacturing

“As the CEO of a non-profit, I can’t say enough how important our relationship with CGI has been.  The team there continues to think “outside the box” and provide us options that we never saw from our previous broker.  We’re now considering moving our payroll to CGI because of the tremendous savings and local team that we would be able to deal with.”

John (CEO) – Non-Profit

“During COVID-19,  one of our key employees was struggling with getting treatments approved for their child. Long waits on hold with insurance carriers and a breakdown in communication made the experience incredibly difficult.  CGI’s Employee Advocate stepped up and was able to work with the insurance carriers “behind the scenes” getting the treatments approved.  The employee and I are forever grateful for CGI’s dedication, not just to us as a client, but to our employees as well.”

Julie (Chief People Officer) – Manufacturing