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Integrated Services to Allow Clients to Stay Focused on Their Core Business

CGI Business Solutions has been in the employee benefits business for decades. Our experience has taught us that many clients are hiring multiple vendors with varying platforms to provide everything from health insurance to retirement planning and even wellness initiatives. The odds are that none of the vendors are communicating with one another creating a siloed approach to benefits that should be part of a well-considered and strategically created cohesive plan.

At CGI Business Solutions we have mastered the art of bringing the entirety of our clients’ benefits and benefits administration needs under one roof. We have removed the need for a multi-vendor approach, and we even employ the experts in house to manage, support and serve the clients we so proudly represent. We have eliminated duplicative work, increased response time to employee needs and have become an award-winning locally owned and operated resource for companies large and small. How do we do it? We call it CynrGI.

CynrGI provides seamless integration across all of these critical services:

Health and Welfare Consulting
We provide cost efficient options, including fully insured, self-funded and captive arrangements. Using state-of-the-art analytics, Integrated Health Population/Wellness initiatives and internal underwriting, CGI provides predictability for its clients.

Benefits Administration
Integrated CFA*, HRA, HSA, FSA, Commuter Benefit and COBRA Administration. We provide 24/7 account access for participants. CGI also has an exclusive CFA product.

Benefits Technology
Using technology and information to streamline all aspects of Benefits, HR, Wellness, Workers’ Compensation, and Payroll while providing employees access to resources that reduce costs and improve communication, CGI is unique in this approach to best serve our clients.

Human Resource Support
From Compliance and Risk Management, Handbooks to Employee Training and Development, we take a comprehensive approach to supporting our clients and their employees, resulting in maximized efficiencies and reduced costs.

Payroll Services
Real-time, user-friendly HCM and payroll processing that allows you to on board, input data, run reports, submit payroll, and manage ACA tracking (1094/1095 reporting).

Wealth Management
Direct submission to 401K provider allowing a more streamlined experience for employees and simplified annual compliance.

Employment Law & Compliance
We provide on-call legal representation for all employment law and ERISA matters. Compliance audits, handbook reviews and assistance in all compliance obligations.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance
In addition to our Business Insurance offerings, we provide our Total Advantage Program. Experience modification analysis, OSHA log management, classification audits, and executive summaries provide the full spectrum of cost saving solutions.

As a leader in business and insurance services. We work hard to secure the best possible solutions for our clients’ business needs by listening first, understanding your goals, and then tailoring a plan to support your success. We believe that exceptional personalized service never goes out of style, and it is why we are passionate about CynrGI and our unique approach and ability to tear down silos, foster clear and timely communication and with proven positive results in employer and employee satisfaction.

Garnered through years of experience, CGI business solutions has become experts in supporting the core business needs of our clients. Highly skilled in the fields of human resources, benefits, planning and administration, payroll and human population management, business insurance, technology, and financial services, our mission is to be a full strategic business partner helping our clients achieve their goals while staying focused on their core business.

Learn more about how CynGIi is a win-win for you and your valued employees!