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Client: NH Non-Profit Organization

Enrolled Employees: 220

Current State: 

  • 5,000 Deductible Plan with $3,000 HRA Contribution
  • Employee Net Deductible is $2,000 per Calendar Year
  • Under Current Law, HRA is Funded Solely by Employer

Based on Employee Feedback, More Choice in Plan Designs was Desired

CGI’s Solution

Implement the CFAsm with High/Low Plan Offerings ($500 and $2,000 Deductible Plans)

  • Employees Chose the Plan that Worked Best for Them
  • Employer Costs Remained Neutral Overall
  • CFA Created a Pool of Funds to be Used to Offset Future Increases
  • 115 EE’s stayed on $2K Deductible plan, 105 EE’s elected the $500 Deductible option