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CGI Business Solutions Celebrates 25 Years of Business in New Hampshire With President and Founder Dan Cronin Remaining Committed to Local Businesses and Community Betterment

CGI Business Solutions Celebrates 25 Years

Manchester, NH – Celebrating 25 years, CGI Business Solutions has grown to be the largest employee benefits agency in New Hampshire and one of the largest independent firms in New England. “I founded this company with Mike Gervino 25 years ago and back then it was called Cronin & Gervino Insurance. We were humble, hungry to serve our clients and confident that as we established rapport and respect from businesses who chose to allow us to serve their business insurance needs, we could be successful. I’ve since bought out my partner, changed the name and have close to 100 employees on the payroll. I have nothing but immense pride in remaining locally owned and operated and I enjoy getting to know and understand the needs of our clients,” stated Dan Cronin, President CGI Business Solutions.

CGI Business Solutions has experienced growth year over year and has added services to include everything from employee benefits, benefits administration, HR support, business insurance, payroll services, and retirement planning. All these services are provided in-house by an award-winning, local team. Webster’s Dictionary defines the word synergy as “the benefit that results when two or more components work together to achieve something one could not have achieved on its own”. CGI recently introduced CynrGI – a cost-effective solution that allows clients to bring all the services mentioned above under one roof. Historically, employers relied on several different vendors to provide and maintain these services. Because of the lack of interfacing or communication between these vendors, employers often experience duplicative work, slower response times to critical issues and tedious processes. “This concept allows us to remove these barriers for our clients so they can focus on growing their business, expanding their capabilities and increasing employee satisfaction & retention,” Cronin said.

The success of CGI Business Solutions is not only in its business model, staying true to the local ownership and hands-on approach to client relationships, but it is also in the community connection that has been established over twenty-five years. “I am particularly proud of our volunteerism across the state through the investment of time CGI employees give to their favorite local charitable organizations,” Cronin said. “I think it says a lot about an organization when we recognize the collective impact we can have by investing our time and resources back into the community through charitable giving and Board leadership.”

CGI Business Solutions will celebrate its 25th anniversary with an invitational golf tournament for to be held sometime in September 2022. “One way to say thank you to the many people who have become friends through our business relationship is to spend the day together,” said Cronin. “For the people who don’t golf, we will have a reception after the tournament and the event will give us a chance to be together and share our gratitude for making these 25 years meaningful and successful.”