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Are Your Employees Preparing for Retirement?

You value your employees and provide them with a great rewards and benefits package. The assumption is that they are making sound decisions to enable them to retire comfortably, but how would you really know? Who has time to address the many questions that accompany planning for each individual’s unique retirement needs?

CGI Financial Wellness gives employees the help they need to choose the right benefits, make smart financial decisions, and thrive financially. Gone are the days of Human Resources making benefits decisions on behalf of employees.  Today, employees take an active part in their benefits and make crucial decisions that directly impact their future. Consider the evolution from a retirement pension to a 401(k) plan. Your employees now bear full responsibility for their retirement and many of them leave company matching contributions on the table, for example. As the employer, you offer rich retirement benefits to encourage participation.

So, how do you help individual employees make sound savings and investing decisions that will determine their fate in 10, 15, or 20 years? Retirees in past generations relied on employers for retirement security. Today, the best means to support your employees is by providing them with access to experts who can work with them and support them throughout the retirement planning process.  To many, the thought of retirement planning feels overwhelming and confusing. Others prefer to “keep” what they earn, though the reality is that most people struggle to plan for retirement without a formal investment portfolio. The CGI experts know and understand how to help everyone who works for you and we do so by listening to their stated goals, planning, and then supporting staff to make the right investment in themselves that will lead to a secure future in retirement.

CGI Financial Wellness seeks to help all employees and provide direction with their best interest in mind by providing:

Monthly Money Tips – Each employee will get a brief and interesting Monthly Money Tips email that delivers real value through practical tips.

Interactive Library – This a friendly guide to the world of money is accessible from any device. We cover a range of topics including managing debt, saving, investing, and retirement. Employees can explore at their own pace or use guided learning modules.

Rapid Review Sessions – Our team of Investment Advisor Representatives answers questions by email and chat. Rapid Review Sessions can point employees in the right direction with generally accepted financial planning principles and experience. No question is out of bounds and a phone-based review session is available on request.

One-on-One Guidance – Employees are often faced with real compromises. Goals like retirement, buying a larger home, and sending the kids to college may create perceived financial conflict. With a secure, online personal financial plan linked to their accounts and access to one-on-one guidance, employees will be empowered to create a plan and make the best financial decisions for them.

Confidence in knowing that there are resources available for sound retirement planning is what CGI Business Solutions provides to its clients. By partnering with CGI Business Solutions, you can rest assured that retirement planning is an engaging, meaningful, and strategic process for your valued staff.