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An Eye Toward Wellness

Often times, we hear about the importance of wellness. It seems as if everyone is talking about it, and when we reflect upon it, it can be difficult to characterize what wellness means. In its most simplistic sense, wellness focuses on what makes us healthy, productive and feel fulfilled. So how do we focus on wellness for ourselves? It starts by taking an appraisal of the factors that influence us in our everyday lives.

Some of the major factors contributing to our overall wellness include diet, sleep, physical activity and mental wellbeing. Knowing your lifestyle and the goals you may have set for yourself to remain healthy as you age is a critical first step. Some people set goals that include the ability to participate in extreme physical activity, for example running a marathon. Other people simply want to be sure to get a 30-minute walk in each and every day. No matter the goal, the question is, have you set aside the time required to help you achieve your goals? The impact on your mental health when you are successful in completing the activities you set out to do can be critical to your overall wellbeing. Remember, wellness always includes your mental health and is influenced by feelings of success and achievement.

Many people say as they age that they sleep less and less. Sleep is also central to our body’s ability to recover, recharge and reset. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, routine is central to good sleep habits. They suggest keeping regular sleep hours on weekdays and weekends and to include in your schedule enough time to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Set a goal to improve your sleep habits so your body gets the rest it needs to function.

The age-old question of diet is always a challenge. Today it’s hard to know whether it is best to eat vegan, paleo, keto or another type of diet that holds the promise of providing the right nutrition for your body. There is no “right” answer about the healthiest diet for you, so it is in your interest to experiment and determine how your body best responds to various nutritious foods. The process of trying new foods can be fun and surprising if you learn that there are things you can eat to satisfy your health goals and that support your overall wellness.

At the end of the day, it is about you. Take the time to reflect on those things that are fulfilling and bring joy to your life. Set goals for yourself to make healthy new habits. Start with small steps and through that lens it’s easy to take your first step toward wellness.

At CGI Business Solutions, we help businesses bring wellness into the workplace and recognize that wellness is a proactive, ongoing campaign that can be influenced by employers who want to support the health and well being of their dedicated employees. To learn more, go to Wellness – CGI Business Solutions in Manchester NH.