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103 Challenges: Manager-Led Wellness

“The key to employee well-being? Look at what kind of environment your managers are creating.”

Our partner, WellRight, has released a new book, titled 103 Challenges: Manager-Led Wellness, which promises to shake up how management looks at employee wellness and engagement. 103 Challenges offers manager-specific challenges, helping them develop the habits needed to foster a culture of engagement and wellness in their company.

“Managers have the power to set the workplace culture,” says Tad Mitchell, CEO of WellRight and the book’s co-author. “As managers focus on improving how they manage, it permeates the entire organization, making it easy for employees to become the best versions of themselves.”

“This book features powerful management actions and should be a go-to resource for any leadership team looking to improve employee wellness and engagement,” adds co-author Judd Allen, Ph.D., president at the Human Resources Institute. “The tools in 103 Challenges can be customized and selected based on every manager’s unique situation, making it timeless and relevant.”

The challenges within the book cover a range of management issues, from improving communication, to fostering relationship-building in the workplace, to advancing a shared vision for maximum wellness. As managers complete more challenges, they will notice significant positive shifts in their workplace culture, transforming it into a setting where well-being and engagement can thrive.

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