Advance¹ line of credit

Help your employees sleep better at night by offering pre-tax HSA lending¹.

Lane Health

Helping make healthcare more affordable and accessible

50% of Americans can’t cover a $500 medical expense², and 50% of HSAs have less than $500 in them³. The Advance line of credit¹, powered through Lane Health, unlocks HSAs to work for virtually everyone, not just the few who can afford to contribute and save.

Here’s how it works:

  • Employees activate their Advances¹ and swipe their cards when they need a helping hand on a healthcare expense
  • Employees receive on-demand additional funds with no credit checks
  • Employees have 12 months to repay, even across calendar and plan years
  • And the best part is, because repayments are pre-tax through the HSA, employees typically end up saving money compared to if they’d paid cash?.

Benefits for Employers

  • No employer risk. The Advance¹ line of credit is funded through Lane Health, so employers are never on the hook to repay funds.
  • Increased savings. Employers enjoy FICA tax savings on employee repayments, as well as lower insurance premiums as more employees move to HSA-qualified plans.
  • Talent attraction and retention. By adding a groundbreaking health benefit, employers can add value to their benefits package, keep top talent, and attract new prospects.

Benefits for Employees

  • No credit checks. Provide an inclusive solution for employees who might have trouble obtaining funds in other ways.
  • Greater peace of mind. Employees can feel more comfortable accessing the care they deserve, knowing the Advance¹ line of credit is there if they need it.
  • Increased tax savings. Advance¹ repayments are pre-tax (when linked to an HSA account, otherwise repayments are post-tax), so they typically end up being more cost-effective for employees than using cash.

“Especially now with the effects of inflation, having any extra financial help is always beneficial. Without the Advance¹ line of credit, I probably would not have been able to receive my medical procedures … the Advance¹ has been a tremendous help.” – Satisfied Member

¹ Advances issued by WebBank
² KFF Health Care Debt Survey
³ 2021 Year-End Devenir HSA Research Report
? Savings based on 7.65% payroll taxes and 12.35% combined federal/state tax rate offset by approximately 10% fee paid pre-tax; savings will
vary depending on individual tax situations

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