Step 2 - The CGI Analysis

Vendor Search

As part of CGI's commitment to provide your company with the very best fit for retirement/401(k) plans, our Retirement Services team works with your company to develop criteria that will match your goals and needs to the appropriate retirement/401(k) provider. The Retirement Services team provides the following comprehensive services:

  • Prepare Custom Request for Proposal
  • Analyze all Vendor Proposals
  • Provide Recommendations
  • Assist in Implementation

Initial Fund Lineup Selection and Screening

Step 2 of the CGI process also includes assessing your company's investment choices. The CGI Retirement Services team uses prudent fiduciary criteria to screen the market of all available investment options and assist in selecting prudent investment choices in all major asset classes, ensuring a diversified array of appropriate fund choices for participants.

Participant Education and Communication

The final consideration for Step 2 of the CGI process is to analyze and assess how the retirement/401(k) plan is currently marketed to the company's employees. The CGI Retirement Services team works either with existing vendor communication and educational presentations or the team provides customized enrollment and educational material to enhance the plan's participation and therefore, the plan's success. Working in partnership with our clients, the CGI team will ensure an effective employee education program is in place that will not only increase participation in the program-but will also increase employee appreciation for their respective benefits.

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