Step 3 - Recommendations

Fiduciary Management

Having an established process and framework from which investment decisions are made is a critical component to overall fiduciary management. Using prudent fiduciary methodology, the CGI Retirement Services team will help draft an effective Investment Policy Statement that governs investment decisions. We provide expert analysis, research, and recommendations that align with your company's Investment Policy Statement.

Annual Review

At CGI, we know that time does not stand still. As marketplace conditions change, it's important to revisit investment strategies to ensure they are meeting our clients' expectations. As part of our ongoing support for our clients, the CGI Retirement Services team conducts an annual review of plan performance to measure the plan's progress. This comprehensive review analyzes participation rates, demographic trends and utilization that assist our team in providing strategies to maximize plan success.

Investment Monitoring

Our goal is to make sure our clients have confidence in their investment strategies. So while our clients are busy running their businesses, the CGI Retirement Services team is busy monitoring their investments. Using advanced fund monitoring tools, our team provides on-going investment monitoring corresponding with our client's Investment Policy Statement. Our team conducts periodic meetings with our clients' investment committee members to review investment returns, expenses, risk/return characteristics, manager changes, and style drift. The CGI Retirement Services team provides the expertise our clients need in today's tumultuous economic environment.

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