Insurance Marketplace

CGI Business Solutions understands that technology plays a crucial role in solving many of the problems businesses face today. Among the most exciting and recent technologies to emerge in the employee benefits arena are Insurance Marketplaces.

When it comes to employee benefits, people have diverse needs. An Insurance Marketplace is similar to an on-line store where employees can use the dollars you provide to purchase a benefits portfolio that fits them best. Employees choose the plans that are right for them with the help of decision-support technology and education. In offering benefits through CGI's Insurance Marketplace, your employees' perception of the value of (your/their) benefits program shifts dramatically from what's being taken away at each annual renewal to how much their benefits have been enriched.

CGI's understanding of business technologies extend far beyond those that support employee benefit offerings. Our integrated internal systems can streamline many business processes such as those associated with payroll, time and attendance, benefits administration and HR management. From employee self-service websites, on-line enrollment applications and an Insurance Marketplace to full blown HRIS platforms, CGI can provide a solution tailored to your organization.

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